OEX E-Business signed a comprehensive 5PL eCommerce contract with a customer from Asia

OEX E-Business
21 June 2018

The OEX Group company signed, in the first half of June 2018, in Taiwan, a contract for 5PL-based logistics services with GOTTA – a brand owned by WinPlex Technology LTD. GOTTA is first international customer of OEX E-Business.

In addition to a full range of logistics services rendered on CEE markets and in Russia, the OEX Group company will be also selling GOTTA’s products with the use of online tools and will be conducting various activities stimulating recognition of the brand.

GOTTA is a brand that is well-known in Taiwan for its innovative phone accessories that are compatible with the devices of top smartphone makers. The product range includes: induction chargers, memory cards, SDD drives, power banks and other accessories. The contract signed is not limited to transporting the goods and storing them at the OEX E-Business logistics center in Łubna near Warsaw. It also involves launching the GOTTA brand on the CEE markets and in Russia, as well as selling products on behalf of the customer and offering marketing support to facilitate awareness of the brand.

In May, OEX E-Business signed also letters of intent with logistics partners from Singapore, with a view to jointly establish an international supply chain.

“Establishment of cooperation with Asian partners is another step forward in implementing our global Digital Commerce Connectivity strategy. We are creating solutions and space to foster eCommerce-based cooperation between distributors and manufacturers, and to provide a comprehensive range of logistics services to customers from all over the world” – says Artur Wojtaszek, CEO OEX E-Business.

The new contract means that the OEX Group company has reached another level in terms of the logistics services it offers. So far, OEX E-Business was operating based on the 4PL model – from sourcing and supply management, to fulfillment and after-sale service. While cooperating with GOTTA, the Company will be also in charge of the full sales process, and will be providing the customer with marketing support in building market awareness of the brand.

“This means that OEX E-Business becomes a fully-fledged 5PL logistics operator who is also responsible for selling the customer’s products” – says Łukasz Wysokiński, Business Development Director OEX E-Business.

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