OEX supports Success University, a program of the Digital University Foundation that gives disadvantaged young women the chance to gain unique digital competencies.

25 May 2022

Success University is the only such comprehensive program in Poland to prepare young women for jobs in programming, IT or communications. The program mainly focuses on young women leaving orphanages, foster care centres and people in difficult financial or personal situations. The Foundation staff emphasize that it is not easy to complete the course but the effort put in by the participants pays off in the form of specific job offers and employment opportunities they receive upon completion.


Success University has been operating since 2019. To date, 200 young women have already participated in the programme. The programme includes almost a year of intensive work consisting of participation in workshops, a mentoring programme, career counselling, meetings with experts and IT preparation courses culminating in an exam. Many female participants are placed in paid internships with programme partners. According to Elzbieta Wojciechowska, the CEO of the Digital University Foundation, in this edition the Foundation already at the start guaranteed internships for a half of the participants. More about the programme

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