Tomasz Wejcman joined iPOS SA, a subsidiary of the OEX Group, taking on the position of the President of the Management Board

20 May 2022

Tomasz Wejcman, former Country Manager at Verifone, took over as President in May this year at iPOS SA, a company that is the developer of the first POS system and the first virtual cash register within the terminal. At Verifone, which is, a global provider of payment terminals, he was responsible for the Polish branch, including, among other things, for sales performance, pricing policy and also product development and implementation.

In addition, he has 25 years of experience in strategic and operational management of companies, both in multinational ones and organizations with Polish capital. He will use his expertise at iPOS, where he will be in charge of creating the strategy, definition of growth opportunities, creation of new sales channels and cooperation with partners.

Tomasz Wejcman has been familiar with iPOS since its inception, as he participated on behalf of Verifone in the project to provide payment terminals that are the basis for the virtual cash register and an element of all POS systems. Tomasz Wejcman’s practical knowledge of the electronic payments market and the contacts he has developed will allow iPOS to strengthen its relations with entities operating in the cashless payment segment and with payment organizations.

A few years ago, iPOS was the first entity to realize the logical and obvious need to integrate the two worlds: the fiscal one and payment one, In addition, in response to the demands of entrepreneurs, it provided a business management platform, creating an integrated product. ‘We will continue with the all-in-one product strategy. We are focusing on cooperation with the industry as regards the promotion of cashless payments and development of modern services and tools for merchants,’ assures Tomasz Wejcman.

The new President of iPOS argues that working with industry partners will first and foremost increase the functional value of the solutions offered to entrepreneurs and allow for the creation of an end-to-end offering, in which – within a single solution – the full service needed to effectively run a business will be delivered.

‘The market faces further challenges stemming from the inevitable digitization and the demands of a modern entrepreneur – in terms of using payment terminals as a base for application-based fiscal solutions and other value-added products for the merchant. We will initiate changes and engage with the community to stimulate the development of the cashless payment industry in Poland, focusing on the use of payment terminals in order to equip them with completely new applications,’ stresses Tomasz Wejcman.

The Management Board of iPOS, now working together with Tomasz Wejcman, wants to concentrate on the dynamic technological development that will allow an expansion of the portfolio of products addressing the functional requirements of most market segments. Currently, under its product plan, the company has implemented an expanded functionality of its system for the catering industry, which is based on a virtual cash register within a terminal.

Adam Tomaszewski, who so far worked as the President of iPOS and in May took on the role of Vice President, will be responsible for strategic technological projects, architecture and R&D management. Adam Tomaszewski led the project to create all iPOS’s POS systems, including the first virtual cash register within a payment terminal, and their technical approval.

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