Voice Contact Center expands its operational center in Lublin

Voice Contact Center
29 August 2017

Voice Contact Center, a member of OEX Group, increased a number of workstations by 25% in Lublin branch. Currently, the company has 600 operating workstations in three localisations and it is one of the largest contact centers in Poland, specialising in the comprehensive support of the customer service processes.

The extension of the operational center in Lublin is related to the dynamic development of services for the insurance sector. The localisation opened in 2015 is the newest Voice Contact Center branch. The Company has its operating centers also in Warsaw and Łódź.

At present, over 80% of Voice Contact Center income is generated by the processing of incoming traffic. The Company supports firms in the implementation, running and optimisation of customer services offices (BOK) with the use of modern communication channels. The projects within this scope are implemented, among others, for entities belonging to the following sectors: insurance, medical, e-commerce, FMCG and publishing houses. This service is increasingly extended with the processing of additional corporate operation areas, traditionally implemented irrespective of BOK.

Since we belong to OEX capital group, we are able to handle business processes in a comprehensive manner. We can expand a traditional customer service office with the implementation of back–office processes, marketing materials logistics or settlement and invoicing processes support. We adapt our solutions to the nature of a given sector – says Ewa Czarnecka, the member of the Management Board and Operations Director at Voice Contact Center.

In Lublin, Voice Contact Center implements the projects within claim adjustment support for the insurance sector. This service involves, among others, the organisation of assistance, registration and verification of applications, low value claim adjustment, multi-channel customer contact services and supplementing and updating claim documentation.Voice Contact Center in Lublin is situated in a modern office building at Leszczyńskiego Street. The asset of its localisation is that it is the centre of Lublin with very good communication, nearby universities.

Lublin is a large academic center, ensuring access to a vast base of prospective employees. It is one of the factors which allowed us to build a competent team which successfully handles increasingly more complex processes at the top level standard and quality– adds Ewa Czarnecka.

According to SMB z 20161  9 outsource contact centers in Poland have more than 500 workstations. The most important market players have 65% of the operating infrastructure in this sector.

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