Voice Contact Center supports the city of Lublin

13 December 2023

The VCC Company has received thanks from the City of Lublin for its contribution and special commitment to a series of activities aimed at supporting the personal and professional development of young people. The initiative was initiated by the city of Lublin, acting as the European Youth Capital.

The collaboration enabled the implementation of numerous projects benefiting 9,000 young individuals. Thanks to the involvement of 300 partners, including companies, non-governmental organizations, business institutions, educational facilities, and research institutes, it was possible to conduct 400 workshops and meetings with business practitioners.

Initiatives aimed at supporting the personal and professional development of young individuals included a variety of activities such as developing business skills, support in entering the job market, entrepreneurship education, and acquiring skills related to future competencies.

Voice Contact Center received thanks for its contribution to the development of the younger generation during the “Business for EYC” meeting, which aimed to summarize the initiative. President Żuk expressed the belief that the relationships built serve as a solid foundation for continuing joint efforts for the residents of Lublin. Cooperation between local government, business, and academia proved to be crucial for the dynamic development of the city in economic, academic, and social terms.

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